Kalusha Bwalya was in the house! May 23rd

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Dennis Liwewe Just visited May 23rd

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Former Finance Minister Hon. Ngande Magande May 30th
Q. What is the biggest challenge of diversifying of the Zambian Economy from
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Prof Luo, a dynamic woman shares her thoughts and experiences with Zambia Blog
Talk Radio Team regarding the state of the Zambia health care and some of the
projects she is doing in Zambia.

Pro Luo E-mail:  [email protected]
Pro Nkandu Luo Interview
Margaret Makungo
Zambia Diaspora Promoting Tourism
Please attend some festivals in your area and show the Zambian Spirit

For more details, please contact Ms Margaret Makungo at the Zambian Embassy in Washington,
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The Indaba was held in Zambia at Mulungushi International Conference. Ms
Palmer discusses with the team her observations from the conference.
Zambia has a new airline ,The  Managing Director , Mr Muleya comes to ZBTR to
share the vision of this new venture.
Zambezi Airlines
Dr. Kwame Osei
Project Manager - Ghana Diaspora Investment Forum.

The Success of Ghanaian  Diaspora Investment Forum.
"If we do not invest now, our next generation could repeat what our
ancestors have been through; another five hundred (500) years of
economic bondage
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Dr. Kwame Osei
William Harrington has been a renown businessman in the transport system
and also served as Transport and Communication minister in the MMD
government. He is the current Chairman of the Road Transport and Safety
Agency. He joins us on Zambia Blog Talk Radio to discuss among other
issues the management and challenges facing the  transport and
communication industry in Zambia.
Mr William Harrington
"Against the background of mistrust amongst us, Zambians, regarding the
pooling of resources for investment, we had to think very carefully how we
were to enlist the support of Zambians in the Diaspora and at home to buy
into this vision." Mr Mwansa comes to ZTBR  to inspire and share this
promising investment modal .
Mr Gracewell Mwansa
Frank Mutubila
Zambia's great TV and  Radio personality, a celebrity in his own right,
Frank Mutubila. This segment of the show is billed as an up-and- close
opportunity with Frank for Zambians in the Diaspora to have the media man
on interviewed on Zambia Blog Talk Radio. Frank has hosted many shows
on ZNBC, notably, 'Frank Talk' and  'Kwacha Goodmorning Zambia', to
name a few. News was made on this show, please listen.
Under our theme "Diaspora for Development," Hon. Musokotwane comes to
Zambia Blog Talk Radio as a key Cabinet Minister on Saturday, July 4. The
team will discuss with the Minister how government can make business
environment more attractive to Diaspora investment participation.
Dr Situmbeko
Finance Minister
In a recent speech to Zambia Congress of Trade Unions, Dr Fundanga
projected a 5% economic growth for the year 2009. The team asked among
other things whether the country is on course  and how the Diaspora can be
part of the increased economic activity
Dr Caleb Fundanga
Governor- Bank of
Pro. Nkandu Luo
Mr. Ngande Magande
Ms Palmer