ZBTR Administrative Team
Nathan Nkhama
Executive Director
Dallas, Texas, USA
Rodger Chali
Corporate Affairs Director
Okotoks, ,Alberta, Canada
Titus Natala
Programing Director
St-Paul, Minnesota,  USA
ZBTR will establish strong alliances with all Zambian groupings and associations in the Diaspora, the Zambian government leadership,
other stakeholders in Zambia, to discuss idea exchange and find solutions on how best we can move the country forward. ZBTR will
forge alliances and strengthen information sharing with other Zambian groupings such as: Zambia Diaspora Connect, UK Zambians,
Azaonline, Zambians in Canada, Zambians in Russia, Zambians in America, Zambians in Australia, Zambians in New Zealand, and
Zambians in China to name but a few.
Message from the Team:
This station will endeavor to inform all our listeners about issues affecting our country, Zambia. Every effort will be made to
ensure that the freedom of expression is upheld. Our show will highly encourage objectivity.
The key role of ZBTR is to enhance information exchange and promote intent presentation as possible.  The station is
committed to ensure Zambians are well informed through active interaction with Zambians involved in education, media ,
business, justice, governance and development.
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