Ms Langiwe Lungu – 31st October,2015

Ms Langiwe Lungu is the Executive Director for the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) which regulates the energy sector in order to ensure the efficient provision of reliable and quality energy services and products. Other roles of the ERB are that of balancing the needs of undertakings with the needs of energy consumers. The Board has the responsibility to ensure that utilities earn a reasonable rate of return on their investments that is necessary to provide a quality service at affordable prices to the consumer. In order to carry out this role, the ERB, among other functions, ensures that all energy utilities in the sector are licensed, monitors levels and structures of competition, investigates and remedies consumer complaints Ms Lungu joins us to the nation’s energy policy in terms of investment in the industry particularly as it relates to power generation, issuance of licences to potential investors, determination of tariffs, alternative energy development in view of the prevailing electricity deficit and other related issues prevailing in the nation in the energy sector. She’ll address how these issues and also the ZESCO load shedding, in terms of the immediate and long-term solutions in addressing its effects to national productivity and social welfare.

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