Laura Miti – 8th August, 2015

political_commentator_laura_miti_sLaura Miti is a renown social activist with vast experience in advocacy work through Zambia’s civil society where she held various positions. She was particularly involved in the constitutional review processes and enjoys writing, having been a columnist in various Zambian and South African newspapers for many years and is passionate about issues of social justice and options for the poor. Laura constantly addresses social and economic issues affecting ordinary citizens, she joins us to discuss the current political situation in the country of Zambia and how she envisions the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections in 2016. The perpetual ZESCO load shedding which has disrupted everyday life for the citizens and has greatly affected economic activity and productivity and she will also analyse the constitutional making process which has divided the nation into two camps, those advocating for adoption through a referendum and the government’s insistence of the parliamentary process.



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